"I don't believe her when she says

that she's not me,

'cause I taste on your lips another Fool"

Fool is a groovy, soulful track with bold, powerful vocals, and a heartbreakingly relatable story.


”Fool” tells the story of simultaneously experiencing the unbearable familiarity of infidelity, and the paralyzing fear of being left behind, alone. ”Fool” is for any person who has felt deceived and replaced.


We’ve all fallen victim to the patterns of those we love, when we pretend not to see those patterns until it’s too late.

cords: photo series

 the album artwork for "fool" came from a 2019 photo series, conceptualizing the harmful romanticization and normalization of  neglect and emotional insecurity in relationships. 

"Most people who have experienced abuse in the form of neglect from a partner know that it will cause you to form even stronger bonds with the person withholding that emotional intimacy, largely out of desperation, but also out of fear that this will be the most they will get from anyone - they believe that it's the most they deserve. And I think a big proponent of this is how media and main-stream representations of relationships normalize and even romanticize emotional abuse: withholding intimacy and communication, invading privacy, controlling outside relationships, gaslighting, the list goes on. These things are made to seem like normal, even sexy and exciting parts of any relationship, when in fact they are abuse tactics and will only foster distrust and dependancy. I want people to know that sitting by the phone all pretty, waiting around for someone to decide you're worth the energy, desperate for any morsel they'll spare you -- that's not love and you deserve a hell of a lot better."

© 2020 by Taylor Pearlstein