Photo by Tyler Gustin

Raised in the mountains of Seattle, passing through the Arizona deserts, and finding her home in New York City, Taylor embodies the earthy, wild essence of the paths she's trodden. An actor as well as musician, her roots show themselves in her capacity for vivid storytelling. Her lyrics, with their powerful imagery interwoven with sounds of soul and spirit, deliver an ethereal musical experience to audiences and listeners. 

Taylor's music has grown with her, and her newer music has evolved into earthy indie-pop, characterized  with layered vocals and vulnerable lyrics. 

​"Hold It Down" came as a single over a year after her debut album, as she began coming into her new sound. She released this palate-cleansing, one-take acoustic track after unwittingly recording a release-worthy take while testing out a new microphone with her producer. This spring, Taylor released her stormy rock ballad, "Overgrew", a swelling anthem of letting go and letting grow. 

Her newest single, "Fool" is a groovy, funky, soulful vibe with bold, powerful vocals, and a heartbreakingly relatable story. 

 Keep your eye out for both folk and pop releases from Taylor. 

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